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Korduma Kippuvad Küsimused

  • Where to buy Bioon?
    Bioon can be purchased from the following places: Vääna Puukool Kanepi aiand müügipunkt Kanepi aiand Põlva müügipunkt Kase aiand Võhma pood Sõbrapood Koksvere warehouse To order Bioon, contact us
  • What is the price of Bioon?
    The price of liquid Bioon is 3.6 EUR The price of solid Bioon is 4.8 EUR
  • Can you order Bioon to a parcel machine?
    Liquid Bioon cannot be ordered to a parcel machine. Solid Bioon can be ordered to parcel machines all over Estonia.
  • What time is it possible to pick up Bioon from the Koksvere warehouse?
    Bioon can be picked up at the Koksvere warehouse from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • Where is Bioon's warehouse?
    The address of Bioon's warehouse is Gaasijaama, Koksvere küla, Põhja-Sakala vald, Viljandimaa, 70604.
  • How to use Bioon?
    Liquid Bioon should be mixed with water with a 1:30 ratio. You can also add 1:50 to a barrel of water and use it from there. Be sure to shake the can before. Solid Bioon is enough for 8m2 of land according to the agricultural standard. Mix with soil. Solid Bioon can also be used as mulch. Does not burn roots or stems. Seeds can be sown and plants can be planted directly in a mixture of solid and liquid Bioon (e.g. 50:50 ratio).
  • What plants is Bioon suitable for?
    Anything you would add manure to.
  • Are there more nutrients in manure or Bioon?
    In Bioon, because silage, food scraps and everything that can be fermented are added to the fermentation process. This increases the content of nutrients in Bioon.
  • While using Bioon, can there be any malt and other weeds?
    No, because weed seeds and pathogens are destroyed in the heating process.
  • Where should Bioon be stored?
    Preferably in a dark, cool and dry place. If the canister of liquid Bioon bulges, the canister must be kept in an upright position and the cap slightly unscrewed so that the resulting gas can escape. It is still a natural fertilizer that does not contain chemicals or preservatives.
  • Does Bioon smell?
    For solid Bioon, the smell is minimal, liquid Bioon can smell but it dissipates after use.
  • Can liquid Bioon be used directly without dilution?
    Yes, it is allowed, it does not burn the roots or stems of the plant.
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